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Andrew Stafford

Welcome! Updated: November  16, 2022  9:00 AM

I am now Associate for Tranont- Healthy and Natural Products. Please visit for more info:

I have passed my Part 107 FAA Test, and am now a Certified Remote Pilot (Drone Flying)

I am Pro-Life and I sincerely am Thankful that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe! I will not support any "woke" company that wants to pay for abortion. I believe that a Revival is taking place. I invite people to look into Kirk Cameron's "American Campfire Revival" courses.

Notice: I  AM NOT Vaccinated against COVID-19, but I AM Immuned to it, I have had the COVID Flu and have tested for the Anti-Bodies. I believe in Natural Immunity, and am Pro-Life . I have talked to my doctor and He also agrees that the vaccines are not safe. It is too early to know the full side effects from the vaccines. I am Pro-Constitutional, these mandates are not right, it should be a decision between the person and their doctor.


As a Christian, I will not let my careers or dreams get in the way of what the the Bible says about Marriage (one man and one women only! I will not support LGBTQ+) , Life, and Jesus the Only Way to Heaven, and that my Life is not about Me, but about HIM!

 If you have any questions please contact me!